Creekview Residence & Rehabilitation

Creekview Nursing and Rehabilitation is a nursing home in Rochester, NY. This project included a full renovation to common areas and resident rooms, featuring an all new fashionable Beauty Salon, family Dining Café,  intimate Rehab Lounge, and a striking Lobby entrance area. The Therapy Gym was accentuated as a centerpiece. An exterior face-lift included refinishing the façade, and erecting an all new stylish Portico.

This was a dated facility that had been experiencing a serious decline in resident quality of life due to poor physical conditions. The owners tasked Gateway with completely overhauling the facility, and breathing new life into this home. Following successful project completion, we have been able to transform the facility into a modern home that residents, family, and staff are now raving about. Walking the hallways now, one hears from family members of residents and staff alike how this renovation has significantly changed the home, and improved the quality of life.